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Craniosacral Therapy really kickstarted my healing process. In rapid time not only did my back start to feel better but I suddenly had more energy, clarity, and purpose in my daily life. Laurie showed me how to get to the source of my pain, gave me exercises to do at home, and guided me through the whole process with patience and wisdom. Her light is bright. I highly recommend any service Laurie offers. It will change your life in the best possible way!          


I am recovering from bilateral mastectomy due to breast cancer. Laurie helped relieve the lymphatic swelling, mobilize my incision and decrease scarring. I also had a neck injury and shoulder injury that I have been unsuccessful in resolving with other physios. Laurie has able to get me pain free from my mastectomies and neck and shoulder injuries. She has an amazing knowledge of the human anatomy, does a thorough check of your mobilities, listens to what you are saying then quietly works on those issues with ongoing input from you. She is gentle with just the right amount of firmness to get results. She gave me exercises to do and emailed me a copy of them so I could check that I was doing them correctly. I would highly recommend Laurie for post op breast or post scar management, lymphatic drainage, and any other injuries.      
Having just had a mastectomy during COVID, I found myself in a healthcare vacuum. Laurie filled the gap and provided such kind, holistic and professional care, that she carried me through those difficult months. I now have full mobility and strength. I highly recommend Laurie’s expertise.


Laurie treated me for everything from knee injuries to hip pain to migraines and was always extremely knowledgeable about the body and how to heal it. She helped me to identify the root causes of my pain, rather than simply treat its symptoms, resulting in a profound shift in perspective for me in my own mind-body connection. I have never known anyone so caring of other humans and so honestly dedicated to her work. Laurie truly wants to help people learn about and heal their bodies, and is always seeking opportunities to further her professional development. It is her life's mission and she fulfills it with grace and wisdom. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has a chronic health issue, an injury and/or wants to learn more about how to understand and heal their body and emotions. She is a true gem!
Laurie offers many styles of treatment and seems to intuitively know which one is right for each patient, or each visit by the same patient.  I think she has ‘magic hands’ but it is more than that, it is experience, intuition, listening, sensing, communication, and years of experience doing something she is passionate about.  She cares for people, that shines through in her interactions with you.  She has helped me through a lot of ailments and pain; and made me feel better, body and soul.  I always feel good after I have seen Laurie, relaxed, peaceful and often wanting a nice nap.   
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